Certificate in Liturgical & Sacramental Studies

The Certificate in Liturgical & Sacramental Studies offered here at Metropolitan Christian University is a Graduate-level program of study comprised of a 27 credit hours, geared towards providing the student with the following:
  • Working knowledge of Sacramental Theology
  • Understanding of Liturgical Theology
  • Practical skills in the administration of Liturgical Worship
Courses include:
LS8001: Liturgical Theology
LS8002: Sacramental Theology
LS8013: Sacraments of the Church
CM8012: Organic Christianity
CH8310: Reformation History
LS8201: Liturgy in Practice
CL8015: Canon Law
In-person Intensive
Students are required to attend an in-person intensive. This intensive is a 5 day, 4 night requirement covering liturgical and sacramental practices.